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English-Hindi > tessitura

tessitura meaning in Hindi

tessitura sentence in Hindi
1.It has the beautiful legato I love and a high tessitura.

2.It now roughly fits the Marschallin's tessitura.

3.His melodies are often long, asymmetrical and wide-ranging in tessitura.

4.Like earlier 10-stringed guitars, his instrument has an augmented tessitura.

5.Her tessitura closely resembled those of known Contraltos like Tina Turner and Toni Braxton.

6.Stevens had observed that the tessitura of fragment C is in the alto range.

7.Kunde, however, struggled with his difficult role, which has a high tessitura.

8.Boschi's tessitura was, in modern terms, that of a high baritone.

9.In particular, the coloratura soprano has the highest tessitura of all the soprano subtypes.

10.In 1998, Volpe initiated the development of a new management software program, called Tessitura.

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