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English-Hindi > test act

test act meaning in Hindi

test act sentence in Hindi

टेस्ट एक्ट
test    जांच परख टैस्ट मैच
act    प्रदर्शन अधिनियम
1.He promoted the passing of the Test Act in March.

2.Its main focus is on standardized test ACT and SAT preparation books.

3.The Test Act remained in force until the nineteenth century.

4.He was however not in favour of repealing the Test Act in Scotland.

5.Following the Test Act, the members of the Cabal gradually resigned or were dismissed.

6.Others had sworn oaths before the Test Act and could not swear again without being forsworn.

7.This made the brothers able to enter on public careers without impediment from the Test Act.

8.The requirements of the Test Act also effectively excluded Catholics from administrative positions in the British Empire.

9.In 1691 the British Crown ordered all New York officials to swear oaths under the Test Act.

10.It was nominally about the Test Act, but actually on the entire question of tests and disabilities.

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