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English-Hindi > thorniness

thorniness meaning in Hindi

thorniness sentence in Hindi
1.Such findings may not spell out the problem as much as help reveal its thorniness.

2.But Hackman's understated performance emphasizes Reigart's thorniness, stubbornness and isolation.

3.Atherton raspberry is upright in habit and exhibits low thorniness in comparison to most " Rubus " species.

4.The thorniness of the definitional problem is made clear by a national opinion survey done by The New York Times and CBS News in 1993.

5.And if she was no longer the edgy presence she had been, Love at least had the talent and thorniness to stick around for years to come.

6.But the sheer thorniness of other issues will require forging a bipartisan consensus, says Carol Cox Wait, president of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, itself a nonpartisan group.

7.The film is a straightforward telling of its subject's story, his thorniness and bisexuality included, conforming in broad outline to the facts as laid out by Kinsey's most recent biographers.

8.The relatively small fruit size, short pedicel, force required to pull off each fruit, the density of fruit on the branch, and the thorniness of the plant, are the disadvantages during harvesting.

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