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English-Hindi > thumbscrew

thumbscrew meaning in Hindi

thumbscrew sentence in Hindi
1.The thumbscrew was also applied to crush prisoners'big toes.

2.Round headrests that attach to seat backs via thumbscrews and brackets.

3.OK, none of this is rack-and-thumbscrews stuff.

4.It will be the thumbscrew that brings Hussein around.

5.The only practical way to facilitate interrogation would be to bring out thumbscrews.

6.The case opens by twisting three large thumbscrews.

7.The band's name was derived from combining the words thumbscrews and hemlock.

8.The word " punishment " should not automatically imply thumbscrews or eye gouging.

9."The smallest child could literally turn the thumbscrew, " said Streany.

10.At Deansville's school, the teachers use thumbscrews and leg racks for discipline.

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screw designed to be turned with the thumb and fingers

instrument of torture that crushes the thumb

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