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English-Hindi > tiddlywinks

tiddlywinks meaning in Hindi

tiddlywinks sentence in Hindi
1."Thank goodness we're not covering tiddlywinks ."

2.The Romans played a chesslike game called Latrunculi, the Victorians tiddlywinks.

3.Tiddlywinks is unique in the combination of skill and strategy it requires.

4.I don't care if it's in tiddlywinks,"

5.Strategy in tiddlywinks is often rather deep, since winks can be captured.

6.There was a renewal of winks in 2007 through the MIT Tiddlywinks Association.

7.These players are now looking to revive university tiddlywinks in the United States.

8."He could be playing tiddlywinks and he'd be a competitor.

9.This is not a harmless game of tiddlywinks.

10.Pog has been called the tiddlywinks of the 1990s, heir to mumbletypeg and marbles.

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a game in which players try to flip plastic disks into a cup by pressing them on the side sharply with a larger disk

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