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tiebreakers sentence in Hindi

"tiebreakers" meaning in Hinditiebreakers in a sentence
  • Spirlea broke back, and they were off to the tiebreaker.
  • A sixth loss almost assures playoff elimination, thanks to tiebreakers.
  • He lost a third-set tiebreaker, 19-17.
  • He finally felt the nerves in the second-set tiebreaker.
  • Martin was up, 5-3, in the tiebreaker.
  • The biggest point might have been in the first set tiebreaker.
  • Nevertheless, Cheney, as tiebreaker, will have considerable power.
  • Oklahoma owns the tiebreaker over Texas because of a series sweep.
  • But in a tiebreaker, the Hurricanes went to the postseason.
  • Gonzalez, however, easily held service to force a tiebreaker.
  • But Agassi easily reciprocated to send the set to a tiebreaker.
  • He double-faulted to lose the second-set tiebreaker.
  • But he played good in the tiebreaker and I played terrible.
  • That is because the Hornets hold the tiebreaker with the Bucks.
  • He closed out the tiebreaker with a put-away volley.
  • In the second-set tiebreaker, Roddick srved four aces.
  • They were soon back in another tiebreaker, which Roddick seized.
  • I got some big points at the net in the tiebreaker.
  • I was fortunate to get those two aces in the tiebreaker,
  • Graf again hit a forehand long as Martinez clinched the tiebreaker.
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