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English-Hindi > tiercels

tiercels meaning in Hindi

tiercels sentence in Hindi
1.Unknowingly, Tiercel has become the first High Mage in more than a thousand years.

2.However, during the conversation, Conall accidentally reveals his own knowledge of Tiercel de Claron.

3.Peregrine tiercel at a falconry display in England ( on bare hand, which is not advisable ) . ]]

4.During the trial, Conall defiantly admits to all of his crimes, including Tiercel's death and the attack on Nigel.

5.Tiercel attempts to cast the spell at home not following the instructions verbatim but nothing happens, he gets tired and falls asleep.

6.Harrier showed Tiercel the ship and its damage and explained to him the story the captain is giving on the damage's origin.

7.Tiercel felt sympathetic to the captain's losses and was determined to see if High Magick can discover the truth of the matter.

8.The majority of prey is 150g or less, a weight that even the smaller tiercel ( male ) can carry long distances back to the nest.

9.The male ( called the " tiercel " ) and the female ( simply called the " falcon " ) both leave the nest to gather prey to feed the young.

10.A male hawk or falcon was referred to as a " tiercel " ( sometimes spelled " tercel " ) as it was roughly one third less than the female in size.

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