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English-Hindi > tinder box

tinder box meaning in Hindi

tinder box sentence in Hindi
tinder    आग लगने वाली वस्तु
box    बक्स कटोरा मंजूषा
1.It's going to be a tinder box ."

2.The West Bank and East Jerusalem are a tinder box today.

3.Sounds like Lennox ( Tinder Box ) Lewis to me.

4.Recent freezes also have helped make the state a virtual tinder box.

5.In hot, dry summers every tree becomes a potential tinder box.

6.Here's a photo of the content of my tinder box.

7.It has been a tinder box for some time.

8.The Balkan tinder box traces its fuse back centuries.

9.Revelations of the brash Enron schemes set off a tinder box in Washington.

10.This area is a tinder box of dried vegetation,

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