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English-Hindi > tinderbox

tinderbox meaning in Hindi

tinderbox sentence in Hindi
1.Holy to both Muslims and Jews, Hebron remains a tinderbox.

2.With it have come years of tinderbox standoff and slippery negotiation.

3.The nation's inner cities were tinderboxes of boiling discontent.

4.If her marriage was a tinderbox, he was the match.

5.The city is a tinderbox of tension where politics meets religion.

6.He then strikes the tinderbox and the three monstrous dogs appear.

7.Tinderbox Poetry Journal vol . 2 Issue 1, June 2015.

8.Building systems that report compilation errors among different platforms include Tinderbox.

9.Twelve elite wildfire fighters burned to death in the tinderbox of Colorado.

10.He said brush is so dry it's literally a tinderbox.

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a box for holding tinder

a dangerous state of affairs; a situation that is a potential source of violence; "the Balkans are the tinderbox of Europe"

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