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English-Hindi > totter

totter meaning in Hindi

totter sentence in Hindi
1.Depending on the outcome, important theories may totter and require revision.

2.It's an intriguing teeter-totter, this 49ers dialogue.

3.If South Korea totters, it will hit Japan's banks.

4.Others are equally keen to see North Korea totter on.

5.The lordly oaks rustled, a teeter-totter creaked.

6.Totter, meanwhile, doesn't attend any of the screenings.

7.When he would stand, he totters as a man without limbs.

8.Audrey Totter played Beth Purcell, the owner of the boarding house.

9.The CD reissue added a bonus take of " Teeter Totter ".

10.The supporting cast features Audrey Totter and Peter Van Eyck.

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move unsteadily, with a rocking motion
Synonyms: teeter, seesaw,

walk unsteadily; "small children toddle"
Synonyms: toddle, coggle, dodder, paddle, waddle,

move without being stable, as if threatening to fall; "The drunk man tottered over to our table"

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