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English-Hindi > trade agent

trade agent meaning in Hindi

trade agent sentence in Hindi

व्यापार अभिकर्ता
व्यापार एजेंट
trade    व्यवसाय व्यापार
agent    बिचवई आढ़तिया
1.These Scots were referred by Norman Davies as " British Trading Agents ".

2.Gould was a British Trade Agent in Gyantse, Tibet from 1912 to 1913.

3.The position of British Trade Agent at Gyangz?was occupied from 1904 until 1944.

4.Sydney Ports picks 1st overseas trade agent, BUSINESS TIMES

5.He moved to the country's west as a trading agent for the Chipman Brother of Halifax.

6.While robotic trading agents have been entered in competitions before, they had never competed against people.

7.He was later appointed a trade agent with considerable authority in the Tibetan cities of Yatung and Gyangtse.

8.The defendants included current and former officials of the Nasr Company for Metal Casting, trade agents and businessmen.

9.Limantour had strong ties with the Madero family, as he had served as their trade agent in Mexico City.

10.In the late nineteenth century there were a small number of trading agents which represented firms owned by Danish Jews.

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