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English-Hindi > treasure trove

treasure trove meaning in Hindi

treasure trove sentence in Hindi
1.And this year's nominees brought us a treasure trove of indelible images.

2.We believe this is a real mine of information, a treasure trove,

3.To her friends and family in Cuba, she is a treasure trove.

4.The result is a treasure trove of fascinating facts and nostalgic delights.

5.The town is an extraordinary treasure trove of antiques, big and small.

6.The surviving plays by Aristophanes are a treasure trove of comic presentation.

7.Sandy Hook's Gateway National Recreation Area provided a treasure trove of trash.

8.The White House is a treasure trove of antiques, art and oddities.

9.Baseball can knock down that international door and find a treasure trove.

10.As far as entertaining goes, these places are a treasure trove of ideas.

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any collection of valuables that is discovered; "her book was a treasure trove of new ideas"; "mother''s attic was a treasure trove when we were looking for antiques"

treasure of unknown ownership found hidden (usually in the earth)
Synonyms: trove,

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