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English-Hindi > trove

trove meaning in Hindi

trove sentence in Hindi
1.She is a treasure trove of material for someone like myself.

2.Gramm is armed with a mighty cash trove and inexhaustible energy.

3.Since then, she has added a trove of her own.

4.Indeed, the Web is a treasure trove of raw data.

5.I discovered a trove of other virtual spaces designed for children.

6.It is a treasure trove that should not be thrown away.

7.Harvard intends to use its trove for a variety of purposes.

8.That trove of glorious, golden strands adorning his celebrated head.

9.Which makes your typical garage a celestial trove of magical weapons.

10.Another trove of poetry tapes is stored in a Manhattan basement.

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treasure of unknown ownership found hidden (usually in the earth)
Synonyms: treasure trove,

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