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English-Hindi > trellis

trellis meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ 'trelis ]  sound:  
verb past tense: trellised   verb past participle: trellised   noun plural: trellises   verb present participle: trellising   
trellis sentence in Hindi
1.Beside the house, over the driveway, are concrete trellises.

2.Loosen them from the trellis and gather them into a bundle.

3.The renovated motel building will feature balcony trellises cascading with bougainvillea.

4.A corresponding decoder trellis will typically use 8 states as well.

5.A path through the trellis is shown as a red line.

6.So just let something climb the trellis that grows very fast.

7.While the ringed domes, the profusion of trellises for stability.

8.Bare concrete walls face others wallpapered with trellises of bright yellow flowers.

9.I have torn apart wooden trellises trying to pull down moonflower vines.

10.Twiners do well on trellises, arbors or chain-link fences.

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latticework used to support climbing plants
Synonyms: treillage,

train on a trellis, as of a vine

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