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English-Hindi > truss bridge

truss bridge meaning in Hindi

truss bridge sentence in Hindi
टेकदार पुल
truss    गुच्छा टेक
bridge    चबूतरा बायें हाथ
1.It was a truss bridge with spans of 131 and 101 metres.

2.It is the only known lenticular pony truss bridge in Rhode Island.

3.A truss bridge is economical to construct because it uses materials efficiently.

4.It replaced an older wooden truss bridge that had fallen into disrepair.

5.The line runs over the river of Steinkjerelva on a truss bridge.

6.A new truss bridge and concrete culvert opened on April 1, 2016.

7.When completed it was the longest timber truss bridge in Australia.

8.Of particular note is the unusual one lane truss bridge in Newtown, Geelong.

9.The corrosive salt air eliminated the practicality of steel truss bridges.

10.The through-truss bridge was built in 1955 and connects the Burlington.

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a bridge supported by trusses

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