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English-Hindi > truss

truss meaning in Hindi

verb past tense: trussed   verb past participle: trussed   noun plural: trusses   verb present participle: trussing   
truss sentence in Hindi
1.Do not season, stuff, truss or skewer the bird.

2.Trusses use a framework of interconnected parts to support the roof.

3.Truss turkey with kitchen twine, and refrigerate overnight . 2.

4.The first of the truss sections will be launched in 1999.

5.Truss the chicken and brush with the tablespoon of melted butter.

6.Existing joists and trusses can be shored up if need be.

7.Greater truss spans can be produced simply by changing the gauge.

8.Graceful curved trusses soar to the ceiling like giant steel ribs.

9.The floor trusses would turn very quickly into pieces of spaghetti,

10.The truss also will be used by astronauts to support experiments.

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(architecture) a triangular bracket of brick or stone (usually of slight extent)
Synonyms: corbel,

a framework of beams (rafters, posts, struts) forming a rigid structure that supports a roof or bridge or other structure

(medicine) a bandage consisting of a pad and belt; worn to hold a hernia in place by pressure

support structurally; "truss the roofs"; "trussed bridges"

secure with or as if with ropes; "tie down the prisoners"; "tie up the old newspapers and bring them to the recycling shed"
Synonyms: tie down, tie up, bind,

tie the wings and legs of a bird before cooking it

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