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English-Hindi > tubercular

tubercular meaning in Hindi

tubercular sentence in Hindi
1.Tzirer was 14 then, painfully thin, tubercular and alone.

2.Within weeks the tubercular hip went into remission, permanently cured.

3.It rained nonstop for two freezing cold, tubercular days.

4.Then when she could not yet read, her tubercular father died.

5.When he was arrested 23 years later, Vann was likely tubercular.

6.Orwell suffered a tubercular haemorrhage in February 1946 but disguised his illness.

7.The molars have tubercular depressions with w-shaped cusps.

8.Tubercular antibodies stop the virus from attaching to his lungs.

9.The foot is large, fleshy, tubercular, greatly produced posteriorly.

10.This cactus is globose, tubercular, and usually solitary.

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relating to tuberculosis or those suffering from it; "a tubercular hospital"

pertaining to or of the nature of a normal tuberosity or tubercle; "a tubercular process for the attachment of a ligament or muscle"

characterized by the presence of tuberculosis lesions or tubercles; "tubercular leprosy"

constituting or afflicted with or caused by tuberculosis or the tubercle bacillus; "a tubercular child"; "tuberculous patients"; "tubercular meningitis"
Synonyms: tuberculous,

a person with pulmonary tuberculosis
Synonyms: consumptive, lunger,

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