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English-Hindi > turncoats

turncoats meaning in Hindi

turncoats sentence in Hindi
1.He makes his sister a widow by executing her turncoat husband.

2.Another is the sliming of both the press and turncoat witnesses.

3.The spam king has abdicated his throne and become a turncoat.

4.Chatted with fellow Mafia turncoat Dominic " Fat Dom"

5.Turncoats and their families are given new identities and financial assistance.

6.Agesilaus remained loyal to Nectanebo, fearing to become a turncoat.

7.For this, Edward Foss labelled him  Turncoat Fountaine . 

8.He worked in the shadows, according to several Camorra turncoats.

9.They have been vilified by some of their fellow blacks as turncoats.

10.Older son Sam ( the turncoat ! ) is a theater critic.

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