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English-Hindi > turreted

turreted meaning in Hindi

turreted sentence in Hindi
1.An entire wall of the turreted embassy compound was blown away.

2.An entire side of the turreted Egyptian Embassy was blown away.

3.The AM-23 was used in turreted installations for bombers.

4.The centre-battery ships were soon succeeded by turreted warships.

5.Outside the turreted ramparts is a ditch and a covered passage.

6.Single-turreted T-26 tanks destroyed 17 German tanks.

7.It owed its nickname to its turreted facade on Massachusetts Avenue.

8.It was multi-turreted and equipped a primary oscillating turret.

9.Designated historic places aren't just turreted mansions and spired churches.

10.In 1976 the turreted brick building was declared a landmark.

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