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English-Hindi > turtlenecked

turtlenecked meaning in Hindi

turtlenecked sentence in Hindi
1.The matinee idol with the moussed hair and turtlenecked torso.

2.This was handsome, shown with a huge-turtlenecked sleeveless sweater and quilted stole.

3.His vision for winter included good-looking long pony-skin or trench-style coats, sleek leather pants and turtlenecked ribbed sweaters.

4.Collarless or turtlenecked, sleeveless or long-sleeved, her jump suits zipped up neatly and followed the line of the body with no belts to distract or distort.

5.The Yankees'spit-polished Alex Rodriguez carefully shapes his sentences to provide the illusion of substance by offering numbing volume as if a provocative word would awake the turtlenecked gargoyle hovering over the team.

6.His reputation was long-lasting on the gridiron, and in 1941, even " Time " magazine was still referring to " a turtlenecked Yale man of the Bum McClung era . " He was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 1963.

7.Redwood ( a nice, lively rust ), a deep cherry red, interesting shades of green, from gold-flecked moss to deep black-scarab, vibrant purples, winter whites and glitter-flecked gold knits in evening suits and slinky long, mock-turtlenecked dresses.

8.Ownership _ Look at the night as a choice between kindly old Wizards owner Abe Pollin, a Yoda-like character who once told Jordan to buzz off, and blustery, turtlenecked George Steinbrenner, a " Seinfeld " character who once told Ken Clay to buzz off.

9.In those days, I was the most malevolent flying object in the galaxy, a turtlenecked suburban bad boy with a full tank of gas, an eight-track recording of " Radar Love " and a movie-inspired fantasy life that began at the end of our driveway.

10.Still, " The Soft Machine " ( 1961 ), " The Ticket That Exploded " ( 1962 ) and " Nova Express " ( 1964 ) became must-reads for Love Generation English majors on college campuses and the black-turtlenecked denizens in beatnik coffee bars.

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