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English-Hindi > uhf

uhf meaning in Hindi

uhf sentence in Hindi
1.In Detroit, CBS is Channel 62 on the UHF dial.

2.Such a ruling could make his UHF stations far more valuable.

3.It can accommodate hundreds of customers over a single UHF channel.

4.Meridiano TV will join three other UHF stations operating in Venezuela.

5.Many other large UHF-/ VHF-transmitters use diplexers.

6.The UHF-R series received a TEC award in 2006.

7.Both radars operated at a UHF ( 432 MHz ) frequency.

8.Since its inception, Star Ray broadcast on UHF channel 15.

9.Freeview HD became available on UHF 22 on 11 June 2010.

10.UHF stations usually do not get good reception in rugged terrain.

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