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English-Hindi > ulcerate

ulcerate meaning in Hindi

ulcerate sentence in Hindi
1.At 25, an ulcerated colon forced him home to Hempstead.

2.One teenage girl washed her hands so frequently that they ulcerated.

3.It just seems better that the dogs not be ulcerated.

4."Dentures rub, they ulcerate, " he said.

5.When his ulcerated esophagus begins to burn, he pops an antacid.

6.Ulcerated leg veins heal, as do crippling back and joint problems.

7.It was discovered after the race that he had an ulcerated palate.

8.The resulting inflammation causes the intestinal lining to ulcerate and break down.

9.And therefore their flesh is ulcerated and permeable [ to disease ].

10.They are granulomatous and itchy, and may be ulcerated or fistulated.

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affect with an ulcer; "Her stomach was ulcerated"

undergo ulceration; "Her stomach ulcerated"

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