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English-Hindi > ulcerous

ulcerous meaning in Hindi

ulcerous sentence in Hindi
1.But she suffered major side effects, including a swollen, ulcerous tongue.

2.Several had excruciating radiation burns that left ulcerous wounds all over their arms and legs.

3.Thus the ulcerous disease of the emperor was all attributable to his crime . " ( tr.

4.No matter how absurd or inscrutable, the daily fables on the financial pages apparently give ulcerous investors relief.

5.Undoubtedly the pain from his ulcerous legs was agony, but did not make relations any easier at court.

6.When Prime Minister Tony Blair appointed her last May, she became the first woman to hold the ulcerous job.

7.But one thing fans can count on : Watching the team won't be ulcerous, as of old.

8.But it evades the truly ulcerous issue : One of these two people told a monumental lie and got away with it.

9.In ulcerous colitis, a hereditary disease, victims are unable to keep food in their bodies, leaving them drained of energy.

10.The biotechnology product is a living two-layered substitute for human skin, which may be used to heal over stubborn ulcerous leg sores.

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having an ulcer or canker
Synonyms: cankerous, ulcerated,

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