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English-Hindi > ultimacy

ultimacy meaning in Hindi

noun plural: ultimacies   
ultimacy sentence in Hindi
1.Hefner writes that stories about the evolutionary epic are redolent with ultimacy.

2.Heclo said, " For Reagan, the oversoul of the nation, intrinsically innocent, is assigned an ultimacy that seems indistinguishable from worship ."

3.Tibetan teacher Longchen Rabjam noted in the 14th century that Candrakirti favored the approach when specifically discussing the analysis for ultimacy, but otherwise he made positive assertions.

4.Beginning in 1998, Moynihan began saying that Blood Axis was at work on a second full-length album, at one time said to be entitled " Ultimacy ".

5.They see it as a multifaceted concept that that has been in Christian theology implicitly for hundreds of years and is congenial to perspectives that include ultimacy, transcendence, purpose and morality.

6.The Vedic seers have associated the power of speech or the spoken word with ultimacy and transcendence  " ekam sat " ( Rig Veda I . 164.46 ).

7.What allows for ultimacy of creation in Kane's picture are what he refers to as " self-forming actions " or SFAs  those moments of indecision during which people experience conflicting wills.

8.The basic thesis is that religious traditions can function as vehicles of ultimacy, but that to do so authentically and effectively they need to fully recognize their conventional status as linguistic constructions embedded in history.

9.In his synthesis text, readers are advised to adopt Madhyamaka view and approach from Nagarjuna and Aryadeva when analysing for ultimacy and to adopt the mind-only views of the Yogacarans Asanga and Vasubandhu when considering conventional truth.

10.It is the task of religion to keep perspective alive in terms of ultimacy and transcendence and keep challenging the limited autonomies of other social institutions, just as other institutions will keep challenging religion so that it does not become alienating and otherworldly.

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the state or degree of being ultimate; the final or most extreme in degree or size or time or distance, "the ultimacy of these social values"
Synonyms: ultimateness,

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