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English-Hindi > umber

umber meaning in Hindi

umber sentence in Hindi
• गेरू
• भूरा रंग
• गेरुआ रंग

• अंबर
• अम्बर
• गेरु
• गैरिक वर्ण
• भूरा
• गेरुआ
1.The hindwings are peach red with a raw umber subterminal band.

2.There are supposedly an umber of tunnels leading from Ingress Abbey.

3.Rohail Hyatt and Umber Hyatt continued as producers of the show.

4.The hindwings are peach red, the subterminal region raw umber.

5.The most popular hues for glazing are the siennas and the umbers.

6.Raw umber and raw sienna create warm and subtle tones.

7.A burnt umber underpainting can have up to seventeen layers of glazing.

8.There was an even umber of male and female students.

9.His later marriages were to June Elliot and Germaine Tighe-Umbers.

10.Each neogi individual is guarded by his personal umber hulk slave ."

a medium brown to dark-brown color
Synonyms: chocolate, coffee, deep brown, burnt umber,

an earth pigment

of the color of any of various natural brown earth pigments

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