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English-Hindi > unenclosed

unenclosed meaning in Hindi

unenclosed sentence in Hindi
1.Only on the unenclosed verandahs is the original timber boarding visible.

2.Today the fortress of Ras lies in mostly unenclosed and unprotected ruins.

3.South of Mount Hawke was a late prehistoric settlement of unenclosed huts.

4.Stepp incorrectly believed that certain unenclosed land belonging to Doughterty belonged to him.

5.Unlike the southern veranda, it is completely unenclosed.

6.Some communities of canonesses developed unenclosed institutes of Religious Sisters to complement their activity.

7.Much of the parish was unenclosed moorland until the start of the 19th century.

8.Marian-glas Hut Group is an unenclosed hut circle (, SH501846 ).

9.Areas of unenclosed verandah have exposed timber floors.

10.;Article Three : The exclusive rights of keeping unenclosed warrens were abolished as well.

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not closed in our surrounded or included; "an unenclosed porch"; "unenclosed common land"

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