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English-Hindi > unfirm

unfirm meaning in Hindi

unfirm sentence in Hindi
1.To characterize ( Karzai ) as being under the control of the coalition is unfirm and harmful, " he added.

2.He's grounded until he leaves for college ( an obviously unfirm date ) and says it's not his fault.

3.Run-of-the-River power is considered an " unfirm " source of power : a run-of-the-river project has little or no capacity for energy storage and hence can't co-ordinate the output of electricity generation to match consumer demand.

4.In fact, the memory of some of her 1965 performances, when she was 70 and refusing to acknowledge it, is still bruising : Martha as Jocasta in " Night Journey, " heaving herself up off the floor like an old, sad dog; Martha, in " The Legend of Judith, " accidentally catching the hem of her skirt on a gold Noguchi crown during an arabesque, exposing the white, unfirm flesh of her thighs.

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