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English-Hindi > unidentified flying object

unidentified flying object meaning in Hindi

unidentified flying object sentence in Hindi
अज्ञात उड़न-वस्तु
unidentified    अज्ञात अनभिज्ञात
flying    उड़ान उडता तिकोण
object    प्रयोजन बात
1.The unidentified flying object became known as the " Westchester Boomerang ."

2.Driving home from work, the men come across an unidentified flying object.

3.These are Unidentified Flying Objects that people say they are seeing now.

4.Most of them resemble crop circles; apparently created by unidentified flying objects.

5.He also constructed an unidentified flying object landing pad on the roof.

6."Whatever that unidentified flying object is, it is unconstitutional, " he insisted.

7.Its final report concluded that unidentified flying objects had prosaic explanations.

8.The town of 50, 000 has gone absolutely nuts over unidentified flying objects.

9.At that moment, an unidentified flying object hovers over the trio.

10.:By definition it remains a Unidentified flying object because you can't identify it.

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an (apparently) flying object whose nature is unknown; especially those considered to have extraterrestrial origins
Synonyms: UFO, flying saucer,

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