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English-Hindi > unicyclist

unicyclist meaning in Hindi

unicyclist sentence in Hindi
1.According to Foss, about 600 unicyclists are expected to attend.

2.The IUF receives funding from unicyclists attending events around the world.

3.Sometimes unicyclists on campus also meet to play unicycle hockey.

4.Most unicyclists are ordinary people who love the challenge of balancing on one wheel.

5.Locals numbering up to 100 people helped to pull the bus off the unicyclist.

6.By 7, he was a professional magician, juggler, and accomplished unicyclist.

7.He won the cycling championships for unicyclists three times in the German cyclists'union.

8.The smaller 15 km course for cancer riders and unicyclists follows a loop around Renwick.

9.At age 12, he emigrated to Canada where his family settled in magician and unicyclist.

10.Hikers, joggers, skateboarders, rollerbladers, unicyclists and tricyclists can all enjoy the byway.

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