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English-Hindi > unknown

unknown meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ 'ʌn'nəun ]  sound:  
noun plural: unknowns   
unknown sentence in Hindi
1.Could not parse S/MIME message: Unknown error
S/MIME संदेश का विश्लेषण नहीं कर सकता है: अज्ञात त्रुटि

2.Cannot convert dialog units: dialog unknown.
संवाद इकाइयों को बदला नहीं जा सकता है: अज्ञात संवाद।

3.Unknown property ‘%s' requested of a MediaPlayer 2 object
अज्ञात गुण '% s' एक MediaPlayer 2 ऑब्जेक्ट का अनुरोध किया

4.An unknown error occurred while trying to open “%s”.
“%s” को खोलने की कोशिश के दौरान अज्ञात त्रुटि हुई

5.Unknown login ID, the user database might be corrupted
अनजान लॉगिन ID, उपयोक्ता डाटाबेस खराब हो सकती है

6.Unknown error when trying to deserialize %s
%s इच्छित के वास्तविक बनाने की कोशिश में अज्ञात त्रुटि

7.Show the package installer for unknown mime types
अज्ञात माइम प्रकार के लिए संकुल संस्थापक दिखाना है

8.Unknown server type requested; using standard server.
अज्ञात सर्वर प्रकार निवेदित, मानक सर्वर उपयोग में.

9.Cannot find container for unknown control '%s'.
'%s' अज्ञात नियंत्रण के लिए संग्रहक को खोजा नहीं जा सका।

10.The value of the %s property of a %s element (“%s”) was unknown.
%s गुण का मान किसी %s तत्व का (“%s”) अज्ञात था.

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not known; "an unknown amount"; "an unknown island"; "an unknown writer"; "an unknown source"

being or having an unknown or unnamed source; "a poem by an unknown author"; "corporations responsible to nameless owners"; "an unnamed donor"
Synonyms: nameless, unidentified, unnamed,

not known before; "used many strange words"; "saw many strange faces in the crowd"; "don''t let anyone unknown into the house"
Synonyms: strange,

not famous or acclaimed; "an obscure family"; "unsung heroes of the war"
Synonyms: obscure, unsung,

not known to exist; "things obscurely felt surged up from unknown depths"

a variable whose values are solutions of an equation
Synonyms: unknown quantity,

an unknown and unexplored region; "they came like angels out the unknown"
Synonyms: unknown region, terra incognita,

anyone who does not belong in the environment in which they are found
Synonyms: stranger, alien,

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