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English-Hindi > unmalicious

unmalicious meaning in Hindi

unmalicious sentence in Hindi
1.He will be profoundly missed by all those people who appreciate wit and unmalicious humor

2.He will be profoundly missed by all those people who appreciate wit and unmalicious humor.

3.While events separate Guybrush and Elaine, she befriends the now seemingly unmalicious LeChuck, and helps him return monkeys used for his voodoo spells to their homes.

4.Prince Charles, a devoted fan, said Wednesday that Secombe, his favorite Goon, would be missed by all " who appreciate wit and unmalicious humor ."

5.Elaine and a now seemingly unmalicious LeChuck begin returning monkeys used in LeChuck's voodoo experiments to their homes while Guybrush searches for " La Esponja Grande ", an artifact that will cure the pox.

6."Many otherwise unmalicious people have in fact been guilty of wishing for deconstruction's demise-- if only to relieve themselves of the burden of trying to understand it, " Mitchell Stephens, a journalism professor at New York University, wrote in a 1994 article in The New York Times Magazine.

7.The staff at " Variety " liked the work of the young cast and Forsyth's direction, and wrote, " Filmmaker Bill Forsyth, whose friendly, unmalicious approach recalls that of Ren?Clair, is concerned with young students ( in particular, a soccer team goalie, Gregory ) seeking out the opposite sex . . . . As Gregory, John Gordon Sinclair is adept at physical comedy.

8.It was flip but unmalicious humor in support of your assessment that it was effrontery for the moment of a bureaucrat abusing her power who drove a man to a desperate suicidal statement to be aligned with women who spent days or weeks or years putting their lives on the line to fight for the rights of their people . ( Although to Ocaasi, yes, " Sesame Street " did teach the Golden Rule as well, which was the basis of being able to identify the difference .)

9.The " Los Angeles Times " gave a favorable review, saying the film would appeal to younger audiences and that " it's just about impossible to dislike a movie in which examples of the hero's pacifism include his risking his life to save kitties from being baked to death inside a pie . " Neil Jillett of Australia's " The Age " reviewed the film positively, noting that despite some " directorial slackness ", the film was " a lively work that is sophisticated and innocent, witty and farcical, satirical and unmalicious, intelligent but not condescending, full of concern with big issues but not arrogantly didactic, thoroughly Australian but not nationalistic . " " Variety " meanwhile thought that the film relied on the performance of Yahoo Serious, who they described " exhibits a brash and confident sense of humor, endearing personality, and a fondness for sight gags . " Although giving it a low rating, Leonard Maltin stated, " any movie with'cat pies'can't be all bad ".

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