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English-Hindi > unmooring

unmooring meaning in Hindi

unmooring sentence in Hindi
1.It involves a complete unmooring, a loss of personality.

2.She had a full length spar deck, a new type of windlass to aid mooring and unmooring the vessel.

3.It's strange, unmooring, to see bones so old, identified by place names that would not exist for thousands, or millions, of years.

4.At the time of the attack " Tirpitz " was preparing to sail for her high-speed trials, and her crew were busy unmooring the vessel.

5.In a game that became as raw as the weather, Brazil's defenders kept sliding into Mia Hamm, knocking her feet out from under her but never unmooring her composure or resolve.

6.However, the board decided against adopting a strict NGDP targeting policy, because, " The Economist " reported, " switching to a new targeting regime could'risk unmooring longer-term inflation expectations '.

7.In taking its different tack, the Court of Appeals cited " NLRB v . Hearst Publications, Inc . ", 322 U . S ., at 120-129, 64 S . Ct ., at 855-856, and " United States v . Silk ", 331 U . S ., at 713, 67 S . Ct ., at 1468, for the proposition that " the content of the term'employee'in the context of a particular federal statute is'to be construed " in the light of the mischief to be corrected and the end to be attained . " . . . . But " Hearst " and " Silk ", which interpreted " employee " for purposes of the National Labor Relations Act and Social Security Act, respectively, are feeble precedents for unmooring the term from the common law.

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