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English-Hindi > unmuzzle

unmuzzle meaning in Hindi

unmuzzle sentence in Hindi
1.That is beyond puzzling, and the Bush administration should unmuzzle him immediately.

2.Two passing police officers noted the unmuzzled dog, and charged the caretaker under the Dangerous Dogs Act.

3.Feral Tribune, one of the few unmuzzled publications in Croatia, frequently lampoons the nationalist president and his authoritarian rule.

4.South Korea shifted toward democracy in the late 1980s, unmuzzling a domestic media that had rarely dared to challenge successive military-backed governments.

5."They're going to be an unmuzzled voice, " said James Letchworth, 47, a Kaiser cardiac rehabilitation nurse in San Francisco.

6.At the sight of a man running through a field, the border police unmuzzle and unleash several dogs, which bring down the fleeing man in seconds.

7.In January 2008, Richard Just wrote an article about the program in " The Washington Post " titled, " Unmuzzling High School Journalists ".

8.The 1991 law, passed by Parliament after a series of dog attacks on children, says unmuzzled dogs from four breeds, including pit bull terrier, must be destroyed.

9.Critics of the law had feared that it would be used to crack down on Feral Tribune, a Split-based satirical weekly that is one of the only unmuzzled publications.

10.Andre is the editor of " Unmuzzled OX ", an occasional magazine of poetry, art and politics which began in 1971 as a quarterly and has produced 16 volumes.

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remove the muzzle from (a dog)

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