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English-Hindi > unseamed

unseamed meaning in Hindi

unseamed sentence in Hindi
1.Her scalp looks like a baseball coming unseamed, with brown stitches holding together three slices from a machete.

2.He had a beautiful assymetrical dress of the thinnest fabric, unseamed, that was zipped low at the back.

3.Speakers of Old High German and Old English preferred a Greek root, omphalos, which led to nabalo and nafela, and then popped up in Shakespeare as " he unseamed him from the naue to the chops, " and developed into Sir Thomas Browne's 1646 observation, " The use of the Navell is to continue the infant into the mother ."

smooth, especially of skin; "his cheeks were unlined"; "his unseamed face"
Synonyms: seamless, unlined,

having no seams; "an unseamed garment made of plastic"

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