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unseasonable sentence in Hindi

"unseasonable" meaning in Hindi
  • The year-earlier profits were reduced by unseasonable wet weather.
  • An unseasonable chill has gripped much of the East last week.
  • The unseasonable warmth will spread eastward into the Plains on Wednesday.
  • Offshore winds will bring unseasonable warmth to the southern California coast.
  • Offshore breezes in California will promote unseasonable warmth at the coast.
  • Meanwhile, unseasonable warmth will continue in much of the East.
  • European volume slid 12 percent, dampened by unseasonable summer weather.
  • Unseasonable rainfall damaged mangoes in Maharashtra, causing prices to rise.
  • Meanwhile, unseasonable heat will continue in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Unseasonable warmth and humidity will cover most of the Great Lakes States.
  • Busy-Bill has given New England a winter of unseasonable warmth.
  • Offshore winds will bring unseasonable warmth to coastal southern California.
  • An unseasonable chill will cover the northeastern quarter of the nation Sunday.
  • Unseasonable warmth will build across the eastern Great Lakes and Northeast Friday.
  • Climatologists attribute the unseasonable weather to the El Nino hangover.
  • Meanwhile, unseasonable warmth will spread from the Southwest toward the Plains.
  • The unseasonable warmth will persist Tuesday as daytime readings near record levels.
  • With unseasonable weather, though, 2000 has been a tougher year.
  • Unseasonable rains hit Johannesburg on Thursday and continued Friday evening.
  • Damp, unseasonable cool weather will follow a front in the Northwest.
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