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English-Hindi > unseating

unseating meaning in Hindi

unseating sentence in Hindi
1.Unseating an incumbent president when the economy is good is difficult.

2.Reno is considered the Democrats'best hope for unseating Bush.

3.Airbus still faces significant challenges before unseating Boeing, analysts said.

4.A bible for unseating the traditional power structure of the Washington species.

5.Today, harassment complaints can lead to the unseating of chief executives.

6.Hoeffel came within 84 votes of unseating Fox in 1996.

7.Hoeffel came within 84 votes of unseating Mr . Fox in 1996.

8.Each could crown his own career by unseating his nemesis.

9.Taylor is given little chance of unseating Democratic Sen . Max Baucus.

10.The 2004 Democratic nominee stands a strong chance of unseating President Bush.

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