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English-Hindi > untilled

untilled meaning in Hindi

untilled sentence in Hindi
1."There's a lot of untilled soil out there.

2.Too afraid of snipers, they leave their farms untilled.

3.The northern part is untilled, and borders the Zaandam-Enkhuizen railway.

4.He glanced at untilled fields across the road.

5.Deep and clear, fed by runoff from untilled grassland, it has been wonderfully productive.

6.Along with state policy, millions of refugees brought vast tracts of untilled land into production.

7.The economy was near collapse, and starvation was rampant as the largely agricultural country went untilled.

8.Twenty feet away, quietly, slowly, steadily, Jenkins hoes the soil in an untilled plot.

9.The name of the place is of Slavic origin and means  Resident of the untilled new land.

10.In season his meals came from a garden planted according to the phases of the moon and left untilled.

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not plowed or harrowed or hoed; "untilled land"

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