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untracked sentence in Hindi

"untracked" meaning in Hindi
  • But we have to get ourselves untracked, starting with myself.
  • Duncan got untracked and began lofting soft jumpers over Larry Johnson.
  • It took the Dolphins six possessions to get their offense untracked.
  • O'Donnell, who missed a month, got untracked.
  • And the Turks almost untracked Brazil in their World Cup opener.
  • It's time consuming, but no promising clue goes untracked.
  • More than 2, 200 gallons of anthrax remain untracked.
  • Especially if they can't get their awful power play untracked.
  • If we get the offense untracked, we'll get going.
  • We battled back and hopefully this will get us untracked.
  • Getting untracked Defenseman Teppo Numminen finally got his offense going.
  • If he can't get untracked, he might be traded.
  • However, Kilmer and the'Skins never got untracked.
  • Polihua is a beautiful, untracked beach 11 miles from Lanai City.
  • You have to get off the track, or untracked.
  • Without tracked, the new untracked sounds suspiciously like a misbegotten neologism.
  • It took a while for Clemens to get untracked in New York.
  • Then next weekend : can the Jets and the Giants get untracked?
  • Faulk figures to get his running game untracked soon, as well.
  • Plus, the Chargers have gotten Natrone Means untracked.
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