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unwrinkled sentence in Hindi

"unwrinkled" meaning in Hindiunwrinkled in a sentence
  • His white shirt was still unwrinkled, his attitude unruffled.
  • We could wear whatever was clean and unwrinkled, with nary another worry.
  • The epigynes of the females have unwrinkled, very short and thick scapes.
  • The mine lies between two veins and is nearly rectangular in shape and unwrinkled.
  • The mine is rectangular, often nearly square, and placed between two veins and unwrinkled.
  • He cuts the saddle seat from the soft, unwrinkled leather of the cow's rear.
  • Geologists hypothesize that the Valley of Ghosts became unwrinkled due to centuries of influence of the sea.
  • HOW TO SELECT Buy nuts with unwrinkled, shiny shells and pick the largest ones in the bin.
  • He both fit right in and stood right out, with his short hair and clean, unwrinkled clothing.
  • The sheet protector already has pre-punched holes, so the document can be kept untouched and unwrinkled.
  • I sat down slowly on the unwrinkled bed, my entire life as a postmodern woman passing before my eyes.
  • He glimpsed a wax museum facsimile of Quantrill's " dead-eyed, unwrinkled, young face ."
  • There, completely unsullied by human hands, still upright and unwrinkled, were the " to my wife " cards.
  • The result was an omelet that was not merely plausible but better than I usually manage : pale and unwrinkled on the outside and creamy inside.
  • Stuff it into the glove compartment in the morning on the way to work and pull it out, unwrinkled, to slip on just before party time.
  • "Many consider unwrinkled bodies to be more beautiful than wrinkled bodies _ in fact there is far more character and expression in wrinkles, " she said.
  • Nora feels guilty when Compo dies in hospital; allegedly, he died with a smile on his face after suffering a heart attack when seeing her in unwrinkled stockings.
  • But amid the familial chatter, laughter and tears, Moten, remained calm, her smooth, unwrinkled face serene, because she claimed she had done all her crying.
  • "The nation is the bigger task that has been given to me by destiny, " he said in an interview, sitting ramrod straight in his unwrinkled khaki uniform.
  • George Foreman has just lived the forty-something fantasy : He squared off against the strong, supple, unwrinkled embodiment of youth-- and, against all odds, he won.
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