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English-Hindi > uprightness

uprightness meaning in Hindi

uprightness sentence in Hindi
1.He pursues period-practice uprightness, but only to a point.

2.Note uprightness of his torso, perfect depth, knees pinioned outward.

3.From his infancy, he had a reputation for gentleness and uprightness.

4.I admired his uprightness, integrity, and ability ."

5.Upright himself, he was apt to assume the uprightness of others.

6.One such approach to student uprightness is school uniforms.

7.The code of uprightness does not grip all politicians.

8.However, it could also be interpreted as referring to uprightness / righteousness.

9.Licinianus had enjoyed an excellent reputation for his integrity, uprightness and morality.

10.Somiah was as renowned for his modesty as he was for his uprightness.

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righteousness as a consequence of being honorable and honest
Synonyms: rectitude,

position at right angles to the horizon
Synonyms: verticality, verticalness, erectness,

the property of being upright in posture
Synonyms: erectness,

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