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utterer meaning in Hindi

utterer sentence in Hindi
1.How, we might ask these utterers of gobbledygook, does outsourcing differ from insourcing?

2.The utterer might intend to describe the room, in which case the illocutionary force would be that of'describing '.

3.One point of controversy surrounding Grice's favored notion of saying is the connection between it and his concept of utterer's meaning.

4.Grice next turns to the second step in his program : explaining the notion of timeless meaning in terms of the notion of utterer's meaning.

5."' Utterer's Meaning "': What a speaker means by an utterance . ( Grice wouldn't introduce this label until Logic and Conversation.

6.Since the language used by an author " is what mediates sensuously and externally between utterer and listener " the art of understanding becomes just as much the art of avoiding misunderstanding.

7.This was Dolcino, the son of a priest in the diocese of Novara, and a member of the order since 1291, an eloquent, enthusiastic utterer of apocalyptic prophecies.

8.For many African Americans, the racial element of the case was embodied in police Detective Mark Fuhrman, discoverer of the bloody glove at Simpson's estate and utterer of racial slurs.

9.Not according to Carol Shields, Pulitzer-Prize winning Canadian author and utterer of one simple comment that, in the time it took to read, undid _ for me _ decades of misunderstanding about evaluating life.

10.Chroniclers of the age state that Henry legislated about theft, restored capital punishment ( which had been suspended for a great many crimes by William II ), and harshly treated utterers of bad money and rapacious exactions of his courtiers.

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