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English-Hindi > vacance

vacance meaning in Hindi

vacance sentence in Hindi

• रिक्ति
1.They are first performers of " Koi no Vacance ".

2.Upon his return in 1884, Engstr�m got vacance in the State Railways.

3.The song was the theme song of Japanese television drama " Koi no Vacance ".

4.The same year, Lilicub released its second album, " La Grande Vacance ".

5.The second Act was partly repealed in 1712, by The Vacance Act of the Westminster parliament.

6.A carte vacance, a temporary license good for any 15-day period, costs about $ 24, at 6.3 francs to the dollar.

7.In May 5, 2012, it was reported that Aoi would be debuting in South Korea as a singer and actress and would be cast in a future Korean movie, titled " Vacance ".

8.Only custom gives one form the edge in our dictionaries; had history taken different twists, we might speak of " the vacance of her stare " or " the fluence of his Portuguese ."

9.As they were winding down their Mini Moni and Morning Musume duties, W released their debut three-song EP, " Koi no Vacance ", the title track being a rocked-up cover version of a 1960s hit by Showa period female duo The Peanuts.

10.In order to promote it, the album's singles " Sakura Nagashi ", " Hanataba wo Kimi ni ", and " Manatsu no TMriame " were released prior the album's announcement, whilst " Michi " and " Nijikan dake no Vacance " were distributed through digital retails.

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