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English-Hindi > vacation pay

vacation pay meaning in Hindi

vacation pay sentence in Hindi

अवकाश वेतन
छुट्टी वेतन
प्रावकाश वेतन
vacation    छुटकारा छुट्टी
pay    उजरत कमाई तनख्वाह
1.It should include information on health benefits, severance, retirement and vacation pay.

2.The negotiations should also include Christmas bonuses and vacation pay, Stumpe said.

3.All are full-time workers who receive full medical coverage, sick and vacation pay.

4.During his incarceration, Davis has been receiving vacation pay, McCarron said.

5.There was no vacation pay, no sick leave, no disability compensation.

6.Vacation pay is equivalent to a month off; before, it was a week.

7.Does the company provide benefits such as vacation pay and insurance?

8.Q . Can I collect vacation pay before I leave?

9.But they almost always lack health insurance, vacation pay, sick pay and other benefits.

10.Q : What are the changes in deducting vacation pay or other employee benefits?

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