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English-Hindi > vacationer

vacationer meaning in Hindi

vacationer sentence in Hindi
1.Many local and national economies rely heavily on income from vacationers.

2.Sometimes vacationers leave without ever spotting as much as a deer.

3.Then, during the Depression, he sold them to vacationers.

4.The others appeared to have been mainly French and German vacationers.

5.Avoid Saturday-Sunday arrival and exodus of vacationers and weekenders.

6.And all that does indeed beckon _ and reward _ vacationers.

7.Similarly, some vacationers grouse at the prospect of more regulations.

8.Such packages are designed to lure vacationers with value and savings.

9.Vacationers at a campground there need a place to wash clothes.

10.That won't be a problem for a lightship vacationer.

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someone on vacation; someone who is devoting time to pleasure or relaxation rather than to work
Synonyms: vacationist,

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