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vacuum bag sentence in Hindi

"vacuum bag" meaning in Hindivacuum bag in a sentence
  • When he found the drug on the vacuum bag, he killed Teresa.
  • Then they'll burn the vacuum bags, the rubbish, dispose the dirty wash water.
  • Sometimes a vacuum bag is used to compress a wet layup.
  • :: Hyla does not use vacuum bags, it uses water.
  • Discard any infested products, and vacuum well ( throw out the vacuum bag ).
  • The material is covered with release film, bleeder / breather material and a vacuum bag.
  • Yet others will back-fill the vacuum bag with inert gas, typically nitrogen, at zero pressure.
  • The bear removes the vacuum bag and dumps it outside where it opened automatically somehow.
  • The whole boat is put into a vacuum bag and oven baked at 248 F.
  • The sale of vacuum bags is estimated by Dyson to be a $ 500 million-a-year business.
  • We vacuumed and sifted through the vacuum bag.
  • When Merrigan saw the broken figurine he realized that the vacuum bag was filled with heroin.
  • Inside the truck Monk sees a broken Turkish figurines and remembers the vacuum bag was empty.
  • But the mouse comes out of the vacuum bag and is determined to get back at Krazy.
  • If vacuum bag pressure control is used, then the appropriate valves and regulators must be built in.
  • The vacuum bag somehow makes its way outdoors where it bursts, thus releasing Oswald and the youngsters.
  • Follow the vacuum-cleaner manufacturer's instructions and change the vacuum bag when it becomes more than half full.
  • A SAMPE paper describes the benefits of controlling the vacuum and pressure under the vacuum bag in a lay-up.
  • In autoclave processing of composite parts, the vacuum bag functionality may be where the greatest variety may be found.
  • _Changing the vacuum bag often.
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