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English-Hindi > valuator

valuator meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ 'væljʊeitə(r) ]  sound:  
valuator sentence in Hindi

• मूल्यक
1.Brand Asset Valuator way to a client's heart, BUSINESS TIMES


3.A second valuator last year said the farm was worth $ 192, 000.

4.He was a valuator for the Intercolonial Railway.

5.Since 2008 Social E-valuator from The Netherlands have been working on solutions for impact measurement.

6.Lauder later proved that a government land valuator, John L . Lewis had influenced voters in Ontario Premier Edward Blake.

7.He is Chairman and CEO of WPP Group s BAV Consulting, overseeing the BrandAsset Valuator, a consumer and brand survey.

8."Simply put, the Brand Asset Valuator is a new way of thinking and is a scientific tool to guide our clients'market.

9.If the regional government authorizes the bid, an independent valuator would then set a price, which the trust would have to raise within three weeks.

10.Most treatises and court decisions encourage the valuator to consider more than one technique, which must be reconciled with each other to arrive at a value conclusion.

one who estimates officially the worth or value or quality of things
Synonyms: appraiser,

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