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English-Hindi > value added network

value added network meaning in Hindi

value added network sentence in Hindi

मानयोजित नेटवर्क
value    अहमियत मान्यताएँ
value added    अतिरिक्त मूल्य
added    अतिरिक्त संकलित
network    जाल जाली तंत्र
1.An exodus of people who were developing the value added network services helped reduce some costs.

2.Investments in value added network services ( VANS ) and BT's own access level packet switching hardware delayed operating profit.

3.Industry trading partners access the HIN Database via the online HIBCC iHIN web site, as well as via EDI transmissions from HIBCC, several Value Added Networks, and by periodic distributions of the full database from HIBCC.

4.Netscape's commerce sales global electronic manager Alan J . Zawistoki said Internet commerce, which is a fusion of traditional electronic commerce-built on proprietary value added networks-with open Internet standards, represents the market that Netscape is now seriously pursuing.

5.In Thailand, Concert global data services are exclusively and fully provided by BT Siam, the Thai entity of BT . BT Siam has been providing Concert packet services under the International Value Added Network ( Ivan ) Agreement to more than 100 customers in various industries.

6.IBM ( Thailand ) has set up a local joint venture company to provide international value added network ( Ivan ) services on the IBM Global Network in Thailand after successfully changing its previous limited international network provider concession with the country's international communications regulator the Communications Authority of Thailand.

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