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English-Hindi > vd

vd meaning in Hindi

vd sentence in Hindi
1.Yo5'vD seen them all, many times no doubt.

2.The stunt coordinator makes a choking grip, rendering VD unconscious.

3.VD wets his pants and the crew have to change them.

4.VDS sets are primarily active in operation while towed arrays are passive.

5.Xylazine has a large volume of distribution ( Vd ).

6.It therefore follows that the factors that increase Cp will decrease Vd.

7.Very similar blanking vd on Emmett Till .-- t14 : 07z

8.From here, good paths reach both the southern slopes of Vd.

9.In November Egerton received the Volunteer Decoration ( VD ).

10.Instead of ppn the VD 17 person number is entered.

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