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vector component sentence in Hindi

"vector component" meaning in Hindivector component in a sentence
  • The force's vector components are also three in number.
  • Two scalar components and one vector component can further be eliminated by gauge transformations.
  • All the matrices are represented with the vector components in a certain frame k.
  • As per Jerry Fitzpatrick, we can assume the three vector components to be orthogonal.
  • They will also auto-range themselves based on the maximum and minimum of each vector component.
  • This means that they have both covariant and contravariant components, or both vector and dual vector components.
  • In particular, the conserved LRL vector component " A s " corresponds to the variation in the coordinates
  • The-vector component can be identified with the inner product and the-vector component with the outer product.
  • The-vector component can be identified with the inner product and the-vector component with the outer product.
  • However, the vector components are generally ignored, as there are few known physical processes in which they can be generated.
  • Since there are an uncountably infinite number of vector components in the basis, this is an uncountably infinite-dimensional Hilbert space.
  • The length of the vector is determined by calculating its Euclidean norm : the square root of the sum of squares of the vector components.
  • According to the right-hand rule, a current dipole gives rise to a magnetic field that points around the axis of its vector component.
  • As far as real-valued search spaces are concerned, mutation is normally performed by adding a normally distributed random value to each vector component.
  • Meteorologists typically express the three vector components of velocity ( u, v, w ) } } ( eastward, northward, and upward ).
  • Vector sensors measure the scalar and vector components of the acoustic field in a single point in space, therefore can serve as a compact multichannel receiver.
  • When the radio frequency pulse is turned off, the transverse vector component produces an oscillating magnetic field which induces a small current in the receiver coil.
  • Multi-objective query optimization models the cost of a query plan as a cost vector where each vector component represents cost according to a different cost metric.
  • However, skipping ahead slightly, this to-be-proven fact allows for a nice closed form solution of the vector component outside of the plane:
  • M _ \ infty is the freestream Mach number, and n _ x, n _ y, n _ z are the surface-normal vector components.
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