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English-Hindi > ventifact

ventifact meaning in Hindi

ventifact sentence in Hindi

• वायु घृष्टाश्म
• वायुघृष्ठाश्म
1.Ventifact Ridge is a part of a basaltic lava flow.

2.The wind direction at the time the ventifact formed will be parallel to grooves or striations cut in the rock.

3.Over time, the bouncing sand grains can erode the lower portions of a ventifact, while leaving a larger less eroded cap.

4.It has massive chalk rock formations that are textbook examples of ventifact and which have been created as a result of occasional sandstorm in the area.

5."' Ventifact Knobs "'( ) are minor knobs, 3 to 6 m high, composed of lake clay covered by glacial drift . The glacial drift has cobbles that are well polished by the wind and cut into ventifacts.

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